Gora International is a leading company providing best possible customer services solution in the market. With our expert and experienced team we tend to provide outstanding services to our clients. We have exceptionally hardworking agents  who have unconditional commitment to giving the highest level of product or service to every person, regardless of the circumstances.

Our Vision

By outsourcing their selling and customer-centric support functions, we help our clients refocus on their core businesses. With years of relevant industry experience, as well as our strength in professional achievement and management, we are able to handle time-sensitive challenges while upholding strict data confidentiality. These characteristics not only enable  to surpass our customers’ expectations, but also provide their clientele with a higher level of service experience. At Gora International, we continue to take pleasure in our method efficiency and quality-conscious mindset, both of which have led to an ongoing and expanding interaction with industry-leading businesses throughout the globe.

Our Services

We provide to you the best services for you. Adjust it to your needs and make sure your undergo consultancy with our highly qualified staff. You can consult with us which type of service is suitable for your business.

Call Center Consultation

Almost everything in the call center industry has been witnessed by our Consulting Team. Our Senior Consultants, who have an average of over 25 years of expertise, are in a perfect position to assess your situation and go over the best options. With our assistance, you may scale support, boost sales, or save costs by more than 50% to get your company moving in the right direction.

Customer Support

With the help of worldwide call centers, unleash the potential of outsourcing customer support. Our specialists are prepared to grow your assistance while also reducing expenses thanks to their many years of experience. The most popular function in our network that is outsourced is customer support, and our staff is prepared to help you.


One of the most popular services still outsourced through our Network is outbound telemarketing. The phone is a fantastic tool for finding prospects and explaining the advantages of your goods or services. Since we have been outsourcing this task for years, our consultants are prepared to assist you in maximizing the effectiveness of telephone marketing.

We Are Hiring

Customer Sale

If you possess the passion to excel and a desire to grow, we offer you a leading career in a conducive environment with handsome remunerations.

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